Weather Conditions - 1st July

We are expecting high temperatures tomorrow and therefore the following steps have been put in place for Wednesday 1st July for the wellbeing of your daughter:

  • Students will not need to wear their blazer tomorrow
  • Students are allowed to use the Main Hall during break and lunchtime tomorrow
  • Students should bring sunscreen and a hat if they intend to be outside during break and lunchtime tomorrow
  • Students should bring in a refillable plastic drinks container and should ensure that they drink regularly throughout the day
  • Please see attached NHS Heatwave Leaflet for your information

Please see the attached leaflet for more information


Frances Bardsley International Club


The photograph of Queen Elizabeth is licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

Rebecca Hawkins, Vice-President of the Frances Bardsley International Club has written a special poem to honour Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II who is Head of the Commonwealth of Nations. Her Majesty will become the longest reigning monarch in British history on 9th September 2015. Rebecca’s poem is a first for Romford. Her poetry has also been used for the Havering Autism Sunday Service held at St. Alban’s Church in Romford and the first ever Commonwealth Service in the London Borough of Havering.

Queen Elizabeth - The Queen of Hearts

It’s an empty word, gilded in gold,

Meaning lost in an ancient mist,

Stitched into history’s fabric.

She breathes life to the word,

It’s her soul; she is the robe she wears,

But underneath, a woman

Devoted, diligent,

Bound to her country, as her country is to her.

Family around her, destiny in her blood,

Caring for her fields, tending to her flock,

Always working, always watching and always listening.

She holds peace’s foundations in her hands,

Carries unity and commonwealth in her heart.

She needs not the valour to wage bloodshed,

Unlike times long ago,

She fights the battles no one sees,

The handshakes and the smiles

That defeat the tight-lipped suits,

And ever constant threat.

And though she may wither,

She will not grow old,

She will join those in history’s mist,

And live life eternal.

FBA Expressive Arts Showcase

This year’s FBA Expressive Arts Showcase is taking place in the School Hall on Weds 8th July @ 6pm.

You are all warmly invited to attend and watch the amazing Arts talents of our very own FBA students performing work created during their lesson time and in extra-curricular clubs throughout the year. You will see original choreography, excerpts from well-known plays, duets, whole class musical performances and more…

Tickets are free but donations will be collected on the door to raise money for the 2016 School Production.


We hope to see you there!


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