FBA Expressive Arts Showcase

This year’s FBA Expressive Arts Showcase is taking place in the School Hall on Weds 8th July @ 6pm.

You are all warmly invited to attend and watch the amazing Arts talents of our very own FBA students performing work created during their lesson time and in extra-curricular clubs throughout the year. You will see original choreography, excerpts from well-known plays, duets, whole class musical performances and more…

Tickets are free but donations will be collected on the door to raise money for the 2016 School Production.


We hope to see you there!

Year 6 English Summer Project

The English teachers at Frances Bardsley are setting you a Summer Reading Challenge!

Your task is to read at least one novel (a fiction book) over the summer holidays and write a book review.


If you read more than one book over the summer, choose the best one for your review.


Please click here for more information.

Teacher Training in East Africa & Smalls for All

I've started a charity with some friends to develop teacher training in East Africa and work with an organisation I came across last year called Smalls for All. It's run by a lady called Maria who went to Kenya about five years ago and discovered the issues that women and children were facing simply because they did not have underwear. Many women and children in Africa can’t afford underwear or have only one pair of pants. Often they don’t have proper sanitary wear either, so many teenage girls miss out on valuable days of schooling when they are forced to stay at home every month. We are committed, alongside Smalls for All, to ensure girls get to school for every day of the month possible.

Since starting just over 5 years ago, Smalls have distributed over 92,990 items of underwear to women and children in orphanages, slums, IDP camps and schools, as well as providing underwear to hospitals to help those suffering from medical conditions like fistula.  They also pay for the education of 31 girls in Kenya and Uganda. We are the first to admit that Africa faces some huge problems. So it’s hard to believe that something as simple as providing underwear can help but it really does.

I saw this with my very own eyes as last Summer when I had the honour of giving thousands of pants on our teacher trip and I've attached just a few of the photos for you to see. This is a really easy way we can make a difference in the lives of the women and children who go to the schools and live in the communities we link with.

Next week, I will be delivering assemblies to y7-10, explaining to girls the problems that some women and girls in Africa face. We are launching an appeal and invite you to join in too by either donating NEW pants or donating through parent pay. The cash donated will be used to purchase sanitary items called Makapads  invented by a Ugandan doctor, made out of papyrus. One pack of ten Makapads costs around £1 - and this is still out of the reach of many Ugandan women and girls. We promise that the schools FBA supports have priority in receiving what they need.

If you would like to buy some pants for us to take, please bring them to the English department office (large box on back wall) or pupil services.

Size information:

Girls and boys: Ages 3- 14

Women: sizes 6- 16

If you'd like to donate, the links will be on Parent Pay very soon. If you'd like to donate pants, please do this by Monday 29th June so we can have a count up of the underwear and try to squeeze it into the baggage allowance of the FBA team!

I know it's not your average charity-appeal email, it is a bit strange, however, there's something great in knowing you're meeting a very necessary need by clothing the bottom of another human being!

Thank you in advance for your support.

Miss Merriless


Prince Of Wales Launches A Photographic Competition

The Royal Commonwealth Society has sent the Frances Bardsley International Club news of a photographic competition launched by His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.  This competition is open to all Commonwealth Citizens.


The Prince of Wales in a video message at the launching of the competition on 8th June said: ‘I am very pleased to be joining you on World Oceans Day, albeit in the disembodied form of this video message.  I am told you have a wonderful evening ahead of you and I do hope that through coming together you will be further inspired to tackle the very considerable pressures facing oceans and coasts across the globe.

From over-fishing to marine plastic debris and from progressive acidification of seas to habitat destruction, the challenges we must address in order to secure the natural capital that provides the basis of our global Blue Economy are both wide-ranging and fundamental.  But while we have an ever stronger body of evidence to highlight the pressing nature of these questions, it seems to me that we must also continue to win hearts as well as minds.  Nowhere is it more important to do this than within those communities whose very future prosperity is inextricably linked with the viability of our oceans and seas.  Many of these communities live within the Commonwealth – over half of Commonwealth countries are island states, for example – and, together, Commonwealth countries have around half of the world's economic exclusion zones within their jurisdiction.

This is why I am so delighted this evening to launch a new photography competition across Commonwealth countries.  Good pictures can tell stories in ways that words sometimes cannot and it is my sincere hope that by inviting people to submit their finest photographs, depicting not only the dazzling beauty of the ocean, but also the nature of our relationship with it, that we might deepen efforts to ensure a more secure and sustainable future than might otherwise be the case. I am especially hopeful to see participation from young people, as their future – particularly those from island nations and coastal states – will be principally determined by the fate of the oceans.  The world needs to hear their stories and perhaps by seeing their perspective in pictures, those with the means to act are more likely to do so.

The details of the competition are being released and I do hope that many of you will consider supporting it.  It is certainly the case that when it comes to the future health of the world’s oceans we have very good reason to be deeply concerned.  At the same time, however, we know that the solutions are at hand, if only we can muster the inspiration to adopt them.  I hope you find this a source of optimism and take from it a firm grasp of the kinds of steps that science is ever more confident we must take,’ said His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. Entries can be submitted through the competition website:www.outofthebluecompetition.com


The closing date for images will be 6th September. A panel of judges will select winners and finalists in three categories, all of which will be included in an exhibition to be shown at this year’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Malta in November, where among other things, the critical importance of the continued viability of economic activity dependent on oceans, seas, rivers and coasts will be discussed.

Sports results - May 2015

Tuesday 5th May  – Friday 22nd May







Under 16’s

Bower Park

Won 5-0


11 a side

Under 14’s

Emerson Park

Won 2-1


Havering Athletics Trials

Year 9

Jessica Mitchell

1500 metres


Represent Havering at Essex Championships

Indoor Rowing

Represent Havering at London Youth Games

Year 7

Bethany Hawkins

Year 8

Chloe Tomkins

Year 10

Candy Obiora

Year 11

Mercy Fisher


Year 8

Drapers Academy

Won 14-11

Year 9

Drapers Academy

Won 5 ½-3

Year 9

Emerson Park

Lost 2 ½-5

Year 10

Emerson Park

Won 8 ½-6


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